Friday, 1 June 2007

Yet More Training.

Went for a swim yesterday. Did two lots of non-stop 100m freestyle, with a break between sets, as well as a few 50m sets. Brave Bird came along as well, which was pleasant. She wants to try and get herself as fit as possible to aid recovery, and make sure she can play squash again without concerning herself with injury. I suggested she try some weights as well, and she agreed it might be a good idea - so we're to let her know when we're next off to the gym.

Today I'm feeling antsy and want to do some more exercise, but I know I need a rest day and I think it's the coffee making me energetic. If I tried to go for a run, which I know I ought to do next, I'm pretty sure I'd go three paces and fall over.

Anyway, my week's exercise so far looks like this:

Monday: Doubles tennis match. 3 1/2 hrs light exercise (mostly standing around and flailing at the occasional ball).
Tuesday: 8 1/2 mile bike ride followed by two sets of 50m freestyle (interspersed by two sets of 50m breast stroke), a 1.5 mile run and weights.
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 2 sets of non-stop 100m freestyle, plus sets of 50m freestyle.

So, thinking about it, I really ought to go for a run today as well as doing some flexibility. And if I'm going for a run, I ought to go now, before toast and coffee wears off. Catch you later.

2pm. Alllll righty then! Just come back from a 5k run up Quarry Road and back, which nearly killed me, but for which I recorded what I think is my best time ... or one of my best times, anyway. Curse me for not keeping records. Naturally, my best time is laughable to anyone with any ounce of fitness and a normal, rather than heffalump, body shape, but 36 mins 41 secs is something I'm quite pleased with. Especially as I haven't been running with the same diligence as previous months. What's interesting to me is that I ran for a little over 18 minutes on the first 1.5 miles, which is mostly uphill, and then ran back in a little over 18 minutes too. I'd have thought I'd go much faster on the downhill stretch, but I obviously run at the same speed regardless of gradient. This either means I'm incredibly good at running uphill, or incredibly lazy on the downhills and flats. I know which one is more likely, Goddammit.

Anyway, I can now finish my training chart for this week, including activity plans for the rest of the week.

Friday: 5k run, Quarry Road. 36mins 41 secs. Yoga, 15 - 30 mins.
Saturday: Pentland Hills walk, roughly 13.5 miles (4 hrs).
Sunday: Rest day. Gentle round of golf, 9 holes.

We'll have to wait and see if Silver Arrow is up for a wee bit golf on Sunday after the Pentland Hills. Or I am, for that matter!

At the moment, we have 6 dogs - including Baff & Bri - staying. I have to say, despite the fact they are incredibly well behaved (apart from Baff & Bri), 6 is rather too many. Everywhere you go you have to wade through a sea of fur and wagging tails, avoiding expectant gazes and trying very hard not to trip over the irritatingly needy cocker spaniels, Chelsea and Crystal. It is a very cruel thing, to name a dog Chelsea, and almost equally cruel to name the other Crystal. I feel deeply embarrassed every time I call them, but luckily they are so people-oriented they rarely stray far enough to need recalling. They are both fed too much. Crystal is a little tubby, but Chelsea is extremely fat. Nor are they very fit, which for cockers is a crying shame. We took all 6 dogs for a romp up the hill, which they all adored, but the fact Chelsea & Crystal are never let off the lead is extremely telling. By the time we neared the end, both were gasping for air - but especially Chelsea, who looked like she'd just walked the length of the entire country with one leg tied to The Stone of Shame. On the other hand, their tails were going nineteen to the dozen, so they obviously enjoyed themselves.

The other two dogs are collies - Jake and Sally. Jake is utterly dominated by Sally, but both are very submissive to people. They always come when called, and like nothing better than staring at you until you let them jump on your knee. Considering they aren't small dogs, it can be quite interesting when both decide there's nothing they want more than curling up in your lap and being cuddled. Couple that with Chelsea and Crystal deciding not to be left out and you can find yourself swamped by a poochie onslaught.

Jake sleeps more soundly than any dog I've ever met. Last night he was flat out on his back, nestled beside Fisher on the purple armchair (which was quite a feat in and of itself, seeing as there's precious little room for more than one arse on that chair), with his paws up in the air. When Fisher eventually decided it was time to move him and let all the dogs out, she literally had to hoist him bodily up and lower him from the chair, while he remained asleep with legs akimbo. When he found himself on the ground, he opened his eyes and blinked owlishly around, wondering how the hell he got there. He's got a long nose and slightly googly eyes, which makes him look like an alien - and extremely comical. Bless his white socks.

Oh lord. Writing about these dogs made me feel a wave of affection, so I called Crystal up onto my knee (she was curled up on the futon in my study). I called her in the smallest voice - just a quick "come on, Crystal" - at which there was a great scrabbling and the sound of doggie upheaval, as Jake, Sally and Chelsea all decided "come on Crystal" meant seriously good stuff was going down, and they deserved 'in' on it. After surrounding me, begging for attention, they soon dispersed on the understanding that there were no treats to be had and they weren't off for a long, epic walk. Come to think of it, we really ought to take them for a walk soon. Gah. The thought fills me with horror. Sometimes I truly hate living on a hill.

Astonishingly enough, I have actually been working on my novel this morning. I think I've managed a whole 50 words. Now, if I can keep that up, I might actually be finished in ... oh, I don't know ... six thousand years!!

At least the footie season's over, so I don't have that to distract me. Much. There's always the interesting transfer news - such as us getting Gareth Bale from Southampton, and Man U signing Anderson and Nuni ("in principal" - whatever that means) from Porto and Sporting Lisbon respectively. Silver Arrow should be pretty happy with those signings. I'm just praying the rumours of us hooking Pedersen from Blackburn are true! He's one of my favourite non-Spurs players. Rumour also has it we're in for Darren Bent - possibly at the expense of Jermain Defoe - and Stewart Downing as well. Frankly, I could do without Downing. Time will tell as to whether he's a real prospect, but I've not been particularly impressed with his England outings, and considering he's one of the highest crossing midfielders in the league yet has only a scattering of assists, I'm not sure he's got the quality we need. He's young yet, though.

I'm struggling to think of entertaining things to write, but as the above proves, my inspiration is lacking. I think I'll call it a day. Silver Arrow and Lubentina are coming round for supper tonight - and to watch the England v Brazil friendly - so I've got to go and think what to cook.