Monday, 12 November 2007

Catch Up

Just a quickie, just because I feel like writing something.

A few days ago, poor little Wrecker upended a full cafetiere of just-boiled coffee onto himself and was flown off the Hebridean Isle and to Glasgow, where he's now in bandages and awaiting a potential skin graft. Understandably, this has rather put our lives on hold as we await a summons to Glasgow for aid. Naturally, this all comes at a time when Islander was due to fly to China - so we're waiting to see whether he needs to postpone the trip or not. While it seems a no-brainer on the surface, it may actually prove more problematic, in the long run, if he does postpone, so it's all up in the air. We were due to go down on Thursday, after Islander left, but if he doesn't go ...

Well, anyway, after dithering and loitering by the phone for several days, wondering whether we shouldn't just up sticks and go anyway, Fisher and I got a call from Sister asking if we couldn't come on down this afternoon. As it happens, we really couldn't. Fisher had shedloads of jewellery to make for a gallery in the Borders, and we had to arrange dogs and stuff. The best we could do was this evening - so we duly begged Lu and Arrow (again! We are so very much in their debt for so many occasions) to play house and dog sitters, to which they readily agreed, bless their cotton, wool, nylon and sundry man-made fibre socks.

Then we got a call from Sister saying that wee Wrecker has undergone a general anaesthetic to assess his wounds, and been deemed ok enough - so far - to not have a graft. He may need a smaller one than originally thought later in the week, but fingers crossed it's looking pretty good. We're still going down, but have decided it's best to leave tomorrow morning, crack of sparrows, rather than pay for an extra night in town when all we'll do is twiddle our thumbs.

So that's what's happening. Tomorrow we go down to Glasgow to meet up with Islander and Gemmill, in order to take Gemmill to the Kelvingrove Museum and generally entertain him. I don't know how long we're going to be in Glasgow, but we're at Sister's disposal, so until she's fed up with us I suppose.


Orlando said...

aw. and ouch. poor kid.