Friday, 16 May 2008

Oooooops ...

Ok, I haven't been on the scales for ages out of fear. I"m being truly dreadful. It hasn't helped that it's that time of the month where chocolate becomes an absolute essential, and nor did it help last night that we went out to celebrate Lubentina's new job. Lastly, it hasn't helped that I've had a rotten cold for the last week or so, meaning every bit of exercise I've done has made me feel much worse, just as I was starting to feel better. It's one of those colds that's a head cold, but is accompanied by a nasty cough, so breathing feels like gasping through 40 packets of fags.

Enough self pity! I ran my first 7 miles last week, which was fine, if dull as ditchwater. I ran to St Andrews, and the bicycle path along the A91 just goes on forever! My proverbial hat is doffed, once again, to all those who can run any real distance at all. It's so boring! I think what I really need to do is kick a ball in front of me all the way - give myself a point to all the running.

I had my massage course at the weekend, and was feeling so ropey I couldn't bear to leave the house on Friday night, so I stayed home and left at 7am the next morning. This gave me 2 hours to get to Peebles. Naturally, it took me an hour and a half. Naturally, I then discovered the course starts at 9.30, not 9, so I was a full hour too early and could have had more time in bed. That always pisses me off.

We started off with a massage test (list 8 psychological, 8 physical and 8 physiological effects of massage. What are the uses, effects and contra indications of effleurage, petrissage, and tapotement?) which was fine. We also had a practical, where we gave someone a leg massage while she assessed us - which was also fine, although I did squeal like a big girl when it came to my turn to be massaged. My legs were quite sore after the 7 miles.

That evening I stayed in the Tontine Hotel, and had supper with one of the other girls on the course. It was great to be able to wake up at 9 the next morning, and just roll down the stairs. Or at least, it would have been, had I not woken at 6.30 again and not been able to get back to sleep. I went over my anatomy and physiology test, had a lovely long bath ... and ended up only just making it to the course in time!

The A&P test was also fine, although I made a couple of stupid mistakes. My head was full of cotton wool and I had a temperature and a headache - so once the test was done I slipped out and stuffed myself full of ibuprofen and got a cup of coffee. Instant improvement! Then the instructor came through and told me that, if I had a temperature, I couldn't be massaged - so the rest of the day was spent on my feet giving, and never receiving, massages. Boooo ...

On the plus side, we finished at 4.30, leaving plenty of time for me to drive to Edinburgh, go to a shop and buy some clothes, then head off with Wheeler and Phid to see The Waifs play. I got to John Lewis at 5.30, and the sign in the carpark clearly said it closed at 6.30, so I head plenty of time to choose an outfit, allowing me to go out to a concert in something other than the skanky massage uniform I'd been wearing all weekend.

Unfortunately, the sign lied and I only had half an hour - but I bought some nice trousers, a top and some cute shoes, and was all set. Then, as I was driving to Leith, Phid called. The concert, which I'd thought would start around 7.30, didn't start until 8 - which was fine, except I wasn't aware there'd be a warm up act for an hour, and then the Waifs would play for 2 hours after that. There was no earthly way I felt up to leaving Edinburgh at 11.30 after the long weekend I'd had, so I gave the concert a miss and headed home where Fisher had supper waiting and I could go to bed at 10.30.

There's not much else to report. I haven't been for a run since the 7 miler, but I did cycle to Cupar on Wednesday, then played 45 minutes of crap doubles, then attempted to cycle home again. Luckily, Fisher was in the Cupar gym and drove home in Keith, meaning she could pick me up on the way. It turns out, Balmullo to Cupar is the downhill bit. Cupar to Balmullo is almost entirely uphill, with only a few short downs which mean nothing when the wind is blowing in your face. I was utterly destroyed after just under 4 miles, and very, very glad to jump into Keith. Still, not a bad workout.

Alas, with all the eating and the time of the month, I've put on 2 pounds. This means I really, really have to get back to being sensible - and with the weekend festivities coming up I really don't think I'll manage. Booo.