Monday, 11 August 2008

Olympic Bid

Ok, I've looked at the 2012 website, and narrowed down some options.

1. Archery. How hard can it be? Lift up bow, pull back string, twang. To Do List: get a bow and a target. Alternatively, stand Fisher in the garden with an apple on her head.
2. Handball. For this, I will recruit the rest of the Cheese Board and one other person. Chopper, maybe? Although we'd probably be disqualified for dirty play. To Do List: persuade Cheese Board that glory is inevitable. Train. Find out what the hell Handball actually is.
3. Hockey. I was a bloody good goalkeeper at school. Perhaps I should get back into it? To Do List: Find a hockey team in need of a goalkeeper. Put on an enormous amount of weight so all I have to do is stand in the goal, fill it, and become the greatest goalkeeper of all time.
4. Shooting. See Archery. Lift up gun, pull back trigger, bang. To Do List: buy a gun and a target. Alternatively, stand Fisher in the garden with a clay pigeon on her head.

Right. Next stage involves narrowing down the list. This will take some thought. I expect to reach a decision by 2011, leaving me a good 12 months to learn, practice, and become the best in the world.

A doddle.


Anonymous said...

Boring? Sheesh, you should try the 9-5. This latest entry had the pair of us wetting ourselves - genius absolute genius! Let's go for the tennis doubles, jaysas I'm no Venus Williams but surely we could have a better stab at a medal than those Murray brothers! What do ya say?
On a more sober note - what is it with you and Fisher of late? Dodgy throat and asthma, maybe this country life isn't what it cracked up to be after all....we'll happily do a swap. We're always keen to help friends in need!