Friday, 23 January 2009


1. Throat: no better. Well, maybe slightly, but not really.
2. Weight: no better. Well, maybe slightly, but not really.
3. Cough: gone, hurrah. But Fisher has another one, and I woke coughing frantically in the middle of the night, so I feel the inevitability of catching it weighing over me like a ton of bricks.

To clarify point number 2, when I weighed myself at the start of my 'diet' I did so during the deceitful days just before That Time of the Month (yeah, that's right, my PERIOD ... get over it) when I always weigh light. During TTotM/P(goi) I then weigh a good couple of pounds heavier. Confusing, non? So, basically, taking all that into consideration, I have lost my first week's pound, but am casting around wildly for my next one.

I went for my first proper run yesterday, managing 3.5 miles in a horrible, terrible time of 39mins 20. What?? I know. I haven't been that slow since I started running. What is it - something like 11m20s per mile? And even though it was on the 'weight loss' programme and therefore had an intermittent incline, I really don't think it should have made that much difference. Terrible. Awful. BUT - most importantly, I did it - and the exercise definitely helped my tight throat for a while.

It's Fisher's birthday tomorrow, and I still haven't bought her all the gifts she deserves. I'll have to pop into town when in Edinburgh and pick something up for her.


SAM said...

She doesn't 'deserve' them - but she sure as hell appreciates them! xxx

EuroYank said...

You have a lot of trouble, but you had no trouble going from blogexplosion to blogsoldiers.