Saturday, 11 April 2009

Exercise and Fatness

Having done nothing at all in the weight loss game, I've decided I need to get my head down. Yesterday's food intake was ridiculous. We went to Gleneagles for lunch with some doggie friends (people - they own dogs - we didn't sit in a restaurant with dogs) and I had 3 delicious tapas dishes: chorizo, patatas bravas and fried courgettes - crispy crispy goodness. This was followed by a hot chocolate with marshmallows. Then, because I'd got the chocolate bug, I decided to eat my way through 250g of peanut M&Ms. Yes, 250g. That's about 1,500 calories right there. So, to make some kind of amends I went to the pool and took a leaf out of the impressive Janus's book and did a 1km swim. I usually do front crawl, but I've learned that breast stroke actually uses more calories, despite seeming much easier. Now, I am really, really shit at breast stroke. I don't really know how to do it very well - but I struggles on and did around 34 minutes of swimming. In our crappy 17 metre pool, that's 59 lengths. BOOOOOORING!!!

BUT - over 500 calories burned, so worth it.

Now we're off for a salad - and also to buy a small mountain of food for our Easter Party - eek! Will just have to be sensible.