Monday, 1 February 2010

New Regime

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Mood: Bit headachey, but content.
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Greetings all.

At long last I feel like 2010 has begun. Frankly, January has been shittier than a cow's backside, and it's about time things turned round. We've decided that the heating is just too unreliable to ... well, rely on, frankly, so are looking into getting a stove put into the sitting room. We had a fella round today who was very pleasant, young and enthusiastic, who turned up on time (in the evening, no less) with no need of directions. The news wasn't great, in that it's going to involve widening the hearth and taking the mantel off, but we'll just have to wait and see what the price will be.

This post is really about my new targets exercise wise. I'm a bit fed up of constantly falling short of my goals, so I reckon it may be wise to think of new goals rather than keep stabbing away at the old ones. So I'm having a rethink of my gym targets, and general attitude to weight loss.

1. I will be counting calories, which is terribly dull, but probably suits me better. I can eat what I like as long as I don't overshoot my target. I know the number of calories I burn, so I have to consume AT LEAST 500 calories fewer. Ideally I'd like it to be closer to the 1000 mark, and even more than that if poss.
2. My gym workout will involve calorie targets. Weights do not count.
3. I must burn at least 1500 calories a week at the gym. I don't know whether that's too little, so we'll see how it goes. If I need to up the target I shall.

Today I presume was a good day, but let's just see, shall we? (I promise all my blogs won't be like this - I'm more thinking aloud right now).

1 bowl oxtail soup = 98 calories
1 baked potato = 245 calories
Butter = 74 calories
Tuna = 75 calories
Mayo = 70 calories
Salad = Should I bother?
Salad cream = 45 calories
Pudding = 200 calories
Total = 807 calories.

27 minute run = 363 calories
15 minutes on cross trainer = 210 calories (websites say 270, but it's so easy I don't believe them)
20 mins on static bike = 150 calories - so says the bike. But looking online, this is incredibly conservative. I always thought it was shonky, too - a low return for high effort. So I'm going with 200 calories. All the websites say 230 odd, so this seems fair. 10 calories per minute.
Total = 773 calories.

Holy crap on a stick!! Can this be in any way accurate? From this calculation, I'm running on 34 calories!

Well ... put it this way. I'm well, well, WELL below my 500 calorie target. I'm wracking my brains to try and think of things I've forgotten. Did I consume a small ox and forget about it? No, don't think so. That was yesterday.

Just joking.

It was a sheep.

The only other thing I've consumed is coffee - which, ok, had milk and sugar in it. Even so ... if I can keep this up I'll be larfin'. And the weird thing is - I had a cracking headache earlier, but I think that was from muscle tension in my neck - I don't feel hungry. At all.

Ok. This is all good. I had a choccie treat for pudding, butter on my potato, mayo in my tuna, and still seem to be coming in well under target. I treat this with suspicion, but I can't seem to think how I've gypped myself, so ... y'know. Good.

Quite excited now. Roll on the weight loss!