Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Sad Fishergirl

Poor Fisher is very sad. It turns out her teeny tiny foot problem is ligament damage. She can't run for around 8 weeks, and has wasted £25 on the Dundee half marathon. She's like a bear with a sore head, and naturally has to get a second opinion. I think she's going to pay some bloke in the pub to tell her it's nothing, so she can believe him rather than our GP.

I played a tennis match last night, against Montrose. It's frickin' miiiiiles away, although the new duel carriageway between Dundee and ...

Oh my God. I've just bored myself into stopping typing.

The match was quite fun, actually, once we got used to the courts. I like playing with Happy. We're quite similar in temperaments, although she's not quite so vocal about it. We both take it quite seriously, and we're roughly the same standard. Montrose has a very good first couple, but the other two aren't quite so hot. Happy and I managed to half our game against the firsts and win the other two, so we were very pleased with ourselves. A bonus was that the whole match was finished by 9.30, so we were back at home by 11pm - which was a whole hour earlier than I was expecting. It's a home match next Monday, so I have to make sandwiches. Veggie is playing, so I'll have to think of something interesting to put in them that isn't meat. She doesn't like goat's cheese, either, which is what I usually ...

Yup. Bored myself again. Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead.

Oh - I went to the Scottish Fisheries Museum today for some research for the ol' novel. It was surprisingly interesting, but I do love how the big advert outside reads:

The Scottish Fisheries Museum
It's Bigger than you Think!

That, apparantly, is the most appealing thing they can say about it. It's actually pretty good. They've got real boats in there an' everything. Anyway, I got all I needed from the trip, and should have sat down and worked, but I became distracted. First it was the truly spectacular game God of War 2, of which I was nearing the end. Then it was the fact that, while playing God of War 2, and at a moment of high tension, there was a massive crash which nigh on made me soil myself. I turned round to the sound of what seemed like hailstones, only to find the conservatory roof had exploded!

Well, ok, not the whole roof - just one of the panels - but it was pretty impressive. There was glass everywhere - which Bridie immediately ran across. Luckily it's safety glass and her paws seem fine, but I was yelling at her not to come in, which only made her come more quickly. It took a good hour to sweep up all the glass, but at least there's someone from a local glazier coming tomorrow. I hope they fix it quickly, else the only plants I've ever managed to keep alive for more than a month will all die.

That's all that's happened today, of interest. Oh - we drove past a field with two horses in it. One was fine, but the other looked at death's door. It had one back hoof up, you could see all its ribs, and its belly was distended. The place looked pretty ramshackle, and we were suitably concerned to call the SSPCA when we got back. I'm sure it was absolutely fine - probably just an old horse - but there was no harm in giving them a call. They'll just drive past as see if there's anything to worry about. I hate to be a busybody, but I'd hate it more if it turned out there was neglect going on and I did nothing.

Sister and sons are coming to stay on Thursday night, which is when Minstrel and Brave Bird are coming round - maybe Silver Arrow and Lubentina, too - so I'll have to think of something lovely to cook that isn't too fancy. Sister would love a shepherd's pie, but I fancy something a little more interesting. I have no idea what, but it'll come to me in time.

I'm off to have supper. Fisher went out to get interesting things from Tesco, and should be back soon. I'm starved. Not that you'd think so to look at me.