Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Swim n Gym

Went to the gym while Fisher did an 8 miler into Cupar. Swam 500m in 15 minutes, then went to the gym. Ran a mile in 9.58, then did:

3 x 12 reps on the lat pully (the one you pull down to your shoulders - I've learned its name!) on 30kg. I tried it on 35kg and couldn't figure out why it was so impossible. Swimming's funny that way. I think because it's so low impact, you don't realise how much it takes out of you.
3 x 12 on horizontal leg lift, at 100kg. I thought it was really easy, so whacked it up to 12 - but then discovered the seat was set way too far back. Once I adjusted it, I could barely lift the 120kg at all!
3 x 12 on stomach press, setting 6.

Then Fisher appeared, red faced and beaming from a good 8 mile time, and we headed to Tesco for the night's meal before going home.