Sunday, 30 December 2007


Woo hoo! I've been tagged by Candace.

Actually, I've now been tagged twice, but as Fisher was the first person who tagged me I just sort of ignored it (also she had scary rules like 'tag 5 people at the end of your blog' and I don't know 5 bloggers to tag. *sniff*. So looonely ...). Anyhoo - Candace wants me to write 7 things about myself, one of which is a lie, so here they are:

1. The sum total of my musical achievements are: Grade 1 piano, grade 1 cello, both with merit.
2. I have a letter from Dame Judi Dench in a wooden box upstairs.
3. I have my Open Water Diver certificate from PADI, but since being knocked unconscious by a truck in Tennessee, I still don't know whether I can dive again. If anyone knows, can they tell me?
4. I came 5th in the UK independant school's championships for javellin, aged 12. Yeah, baby!
5. I like girls. (God help me ... considering number 4, what a walking cliché I am).
6. I have read every single Sweet Valley High book between numbers 1 and 83.
7. I can ride a motorbike and, secretly, I think this is cooler than the fact I drive a Land Rover.

Now, the minute I get more friends, I'm going to tag them.

Oh, yer - you're supposed to guess which one's a lie.


Candace said...

Hmm. For me, it's a toss-up between Judi Dench and Sweet Valley High. I have you pegged as a reader, so I'll go with #2. No. 2 is the lie. (I almost went with #3, but it seems so detailed that I thought it must be true. You clever girl if it's the lie!)

Candace said...

So, when do we find out?

Oh - and Happy New Year!

Seshat said...

I love the use of 'we!'

I'm hoping some of my other readers will have a guess, but that may be wishful thinking as they seem a little diffident when it comes to commenting. I'll give 'em a couple of days more, though, as it's possible they're all curled up in a corner crying, vowing never to drink again. I'll give them a couple of days to get up, get back to work and become human once more!

Happy New Year to you, too.

SAM said...

Right - I'd better get this correct.
I think No 1 is the BIG FAT LIE.
I think you never got as far as grade One on the Cello and that your musical genius has pulled you through since then.


Badger said...

I reckon you still secretly think that driving a land rover is cooler than the bike... the lie is hidden in a truth... very fortune cookie...

I must kick my ellipsis habit this New Year...


Happy New Year all...

blarney said...

errrr is this what you mean by tagging? Jaysas woman, this is tough. Don't you realise we're still on holiday my brain is officially on holiday until tomorrow morning. Leave me alone, I'm away to resume position in my cold, dark room. Was there a point to this? Ah yes, the lie. Obvious 'Sweet Valley High'! It's gotta be...although you can quote from them with remarkable accuracy but to have read so many of them - I don't think even I managed that!
See you soon.

Ruth said...

I'm with Helen. No one in the world has read all Sweet Valley High books, not even the people that write them.

Seshat said...

Well done to Blarney and Ruth (way to blow your anonymity, Phid). Naturally I haven't read EVERY SVH book between 1 and 83. I've missed 2 of them (and am not in any hurry to revisit a deeply misspent youth).

Candace - my letter from The Dame is due to the fact I sent her a question regarding the Cherry Orchard when I performed it for A Level Theatre Studies. She graciously responded and I was thrilled - despite what she said being as useful as a George Bush think tank (now there's an oxymoron.)

Sam, you cretin, I can't believe you didn't guess correctly. Shame on you. You're on supper duty for the next week.

Badge - good guess, but I'm afraid zimming along country roads on a motorbike is just a shade cooler than the 'Drover. Unless I'm off-roading. Hmmm - tough call.

THanks for responding, all. Hooch - hope you're looking forward to the weekend! I'm desperately crossing my fingers that my cold will be gone by then as, at the moment, I can't taste anything!

Candace said...

So, you read 81 of the 83 books? Well, I was close.

You're an actor, as well as a musician? Impressive!

Seshat said...

Actor? Alas, no. I used to do a lot of theatre when I was younger, but the sheer terror of performing live eventually put the final nail in my acting aspirations at university.

Sweet Valley High got me through my A Levels, and so for that I'll always be grateful. Nothing like mindless drivel for relaxing a stressed mind.

Cuppa Queen said...

I was right!!! OK so you're never going to believe me now but I was torn between Judi and the Sweet Valley Highs and then somewhere between my office and the bus stop the dimmest recollection of a play and a question came back to me!!

Can I have some belated credit?

PS I have decided to start blogging too now (I love it already) so check it out if you're bored. See you tomorrow for crazy-hill-climb in snow before meal-of-the-gods!