Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Good v Bad

Good Things
  1. Just back from a 4 mile run, much of it uphill.
  2. Have discovered lovely places to eat in and around Perth.
  3. Have lost target 2 pounds this week.
  4. Decorator is reliable, hard-working, good quality, and cheaper than chips. Also pleasant.
  5. Rooms decorated look wonderful. No regrets about colours so far.
  6. New curtains and blinds have arrived.
  7. New gym is better than adequate, with good running machines, a swimming pool and sauna.
  8. Love my lovely PS3.
Bad Things
  1. 4 mile run laughably slow, and am laughably knackered after it. Had to stop for a 30 second break after 5k as had the world's most agonising stitch in right lung
  2. Lovely places to eat mean we keep eating out. Last night consumed own bodyweight at The Angler in Guildtown
  3. Target 2 pounds only achieved by stepping on scale right after my run. Have sneaking suspicion pounds may magically reappear tomorrow as my stunned body realises point 2.
  4. New curtains and blinds have to be hung. This means Fisher has to do it.
  5. Fisher has had to do everything and is in a shitty mood.
  6. New house is cold. My mother will be miserable here.
  7. New gym is great, but made mistake of swimming 1k in the pool, watched by Thinks-He's-Sexy instructor (long hair in pony tail, Russian accent, way with the lay-deez). Since then, he has made winky-jokey remarks about how, next time, I'm going to do 5 'tousand' metres as a warm up. Goddamn it. Now I can't get into the pool and do any less than 1k or I will lose his respect. Also, Fisher and I spent a long time discussing why he would be so impressed with me swimming 1k when he's a fitness instructor and must be used to far more spectacular feats of stamina. It took us 20 minutes before a thought struck me. I blew the dust off my mental Book of Male-Female Flirty-Flirtiness and wondered out loud if he fancied me.
    Fisher laughed and laughed and laughed.
    Which is fair enough. He has seen me in a swimsuit.
  8. Fuses keep blowing. Can't put kettle and cooker on at the same time. This morning the heating fuse blew for no apparant reason.
  9. I have spent so much money I feel physically sick.
  10. Had a small tantrum yesterday as Fisher was grouchy, things had gone wrong in the house - and I just wanted 1 day where everyone and everything was relaxed, happy, and not going fucking tits up.
  11. We have a vile little dog staying who drops little bits of shit all over the house and stinks to high heaven.
  12. We now have another dog staying who is not vile, but who needs enormous amounts of medicine: eye drops in the morning and at night, a pill wrapped in fish paste every meal time, eye wipes every 13 seconds, arse wipes every time she takes a dump ...
  13. Our building chief continues to be a pain in the anus. He will not have everything finished by the time Sister arrives. He is now 6 weeks overdue. He is a cretin.
  14. I am cross.