Tuesday, 18 November 2008


So the builders have shafted us between the ischial tuberosities. With a whole bunch of stuff left undone, the chief has decided it's too much trouble to actually complete the work, leaving us in the lurch and trying to find someone to fit a stove, plaster over holes in the ceiling, and a hundred other shitty small jobs he should have organised. He's sending us an invoice with the cost of all the incomplete jobs deducted, but I say screw that. I've informed him, by email, that I will be deducting the cost of all the tradesmen we have to employ from his total, and that he will get not a penny more. Luckily we arranged a fixed price at the beginning and have paid him 3/4s, retaining a considerable sum to be paid only on job completion. Well, he ain't completed, so he ain't getting paid. If I need to bring in a lawyer I will do so.

I usually preserve people's identities on this blog, but just in case anyone from this area is thinking of getting building work done:

DO NOT EMPLOY KEVIN TULLOCH PROPERTIES. Their dis-organisation is a joke. They will claim to have ordered things but will not have done. They will send plumbers before tilers have finished, and then you'll never get the plumber back. They will half finish jobs. You will have to chase them every single day with numerous phone calls, many of which will go unanswered. Then they will decide they can't be bothered with the hassle and ditch you for no good reason - certainly never having discussed any problems they may be having, or expressed any discontent. They are, in conclusion, not fit to run a business.

That is all.


MF said...

Oh good God. What a pile of human excrement he is! I am furious on your behalf! I hope that you find someone to finish the job who is efficient and great and not extremely expensive. Oh and quick! Sending many hugs your way... M.x

MF said...
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MF said...

Oops... such was my ire on your behalf I posted the comment twice (in case you wonder what's been deleted...)

Ruth said...

Consider them blacklisted.

Nobody shafts a cheeseboarder and gets away with it.

Orlando said...

This is all very decisive and all that, but it sounds distinctly un-wastrel-like... this isn't what I come on here for!