Saturday, 14 February 2009


Yesterday I went for my first 4 mile run in aaaaages. I just went out the door, ran up the hill, down it again, then past the house and back in a 1.5 mile loop. It was around 56 minutes, which is, of course, pathetic, but I did get stuck in a wood, which added time.

Today, I feel awful. Apart from the slight aches and pains in my knees, my muscles are fine - but I'm pretty off colour. This is bad news, as Ceegar and Meeper are due any minute and we're supposed to be going out to Café Briezh tonight. I'm hoping it's just coffee and the after-effects of a long (for me!) run - but I have to say, I'm quite tired of feeling physically off-peak. I've booked myself in for a course of massage, which may well help with general relaxation (although I tend to tense up when undergoing massage) and even a course of hypnotherapy. The latter is in an attempt to see whether the globus is psychophysiological, but I'm not holding out much hope. Naturally I'll go in with a totally open mind, as I can't imagine I'd be helping myself by being pessimistic, but whether hypnotherapy is the answer I just couldn't say.

My first session is Wednesday - massage in the a.m, hypnotherapy in the p.m. I suppose you'll just have to watch this space.


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