Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Onslaught

Location: Upstairs, grabbing some quality time with Fisher
Mood: Like a kudu who's just caught a whiff of Cheetah on the wind
Listening to: John Williams' Spanish Guitar
Reading: Drood
Playing: Buzz! Junior Monster Rumble (ad nauseum)

Just a quick note to say it's all kicked off - and so far so good. Sister and sons arrived on Sunday while we were at a very chilled party at Phid and Wheeler's - as did the snow. We've got a pleasant few inches thus far, making driving cautious but nothing to be particularly concerned about. MaPa arrived about an hour ago, much to Gemmill's delight (he couldn't stop hugging his Granu), and we only await the arrival of Brother and Gaura tomorrow - weather permitting - to have a full complement. I've got all the pressies I'm going to get, I've wrapped them, and all that remains is for me to discover (horror of horror) on the day that I've forgotten someone.

Shit! I've forgotten Islander!

No, not forgotten, but haven't actually collected his present from the appropriate place. Shag a duck. I'll have to do that tomorrow.

Yesterday we went to the gym and I managed to fit in a sneaky 50 mins on various machines. I did a mile in 9.13 on the running machine, 6.55 miles on the static bike, and 150 calories on the elliptical machine. I swear there's something amiss with that thing. How can 10 minutes on the elliptical burn more calories than the same time running? Running is horribly hard in comparison. And the fact that the static bike burns about half as many is a constant source of fury. I work hard on the bike, always on cross country setting, and yet I never burn as many calories as I think I deserve. Woe. O woe is me. Anyway, I finished off with a few stomach crunches and proper press-ups, then went home and ate burgers and chunky chips. Good stuff.

Tomorrow I'm due to go into Edinburgh and meet up with Champaign Charlie, who is - hurrah! - over for the festive period. I haven't actually broken this news to the family yet, but it may be quite a good move as it could mean Ma coming in to Reekie to do some Xmas shopping.

Gah. Have bored myself.

See you later peeps. Keep your fingers crossed for my brother and Gaura tomorrow will you?


SAM said...

Love the fact that "quality time" with me involves me being asleep, and drooling slightly, beside you...

quality indeed. A nap was much needed and much appreciated.