Saturday, 1 March 2008


Fuck. Fuck. Fuckittyfuck-facingfuckles.

Played squash yesterday, and when going for a ball I went over on my ankle, quite painfully. However, it seemed ok after a few seconds, so I played on.

It got worse throughout the evening, until it was hurting quite badly after supper with Lu and Arrow (went to Craigsanquhar - had a lovely time) and this morning it's unwalkable. It's a beautiful day again, after some truly foul weather yesterday, and I was hoping to get a run in before Fisher returned home. That's not possible. Nor is riding my bike or, I suspect, even swimming. I can't give the dogs a walk, so the bratty standard poodle puppy staying will be utterly hyper all day.

Oh well. Thank the good lord that my beloved is returning, so at least I won't have to cope with hyper dogs on my own.