Friday, 14 March 2008

Dull Exercise Update

Help meeee!

I can't stop playing Civilisation ...

Managed to drag myself away from my conquering armies laying waste to the Iroquois Empire (hey - they started it) and went to the gym with Fisher. I wasn't feeling at all up for it, and, as is so often the way, I therefore did a KICK ARSE gym session.

At last, at last I have broked the 30 minute barrier, managing to complete my 5k in 29.50. Hurrah! I then did these weights (after allowing my heart rate to drop from 56340 bpm to my usual resting rate of 324bpm):

1 x 12 reps lat pully, 40kg
2 x 12 reps lat pully, 35kg (yes, 40 was pushing it!)
3 x 12 reps chest press, 40kg. Checked what my maximum lift ability is with this. It's 55kg.
3 x 12 reps stomach curl, on 10 (50kg?)
1 x 12 reps lat pully, standing, for tricep workout, on something pathetic like 20kg. Then got truly bored and my arms started trembling, so I flaked on the bicep curl and went home.

We stopped at The North Point for some soup, only to discover they'd run out of soup and had no salads - so we made do with a wrap each. Rather nice, actually. We went halves on a smoked salmon & cream cheese wrap, and a goat's cheese and pesto one. I still don't like pesto, and I'm not entirely charmed by vast slabs of goat's cheese which fall out of your wrap like a squidgy brick - but the smoked salmon one was good. Fisher liked the goat's cheese one, and took a large quantity of the cheese out of the wrap to start with. This is why she is losing weight hand over fist. The reason I am not, is because, although I did the same, I then ate the spare cheese as it lay on my plate.

At least Pro and I have let our weight loss bet ride until the end of March - and he is coming up for Easter lunch, so I will stuff him full of lard while I lunch on a small salad and a roll.


On a separate note - the kitchen floor is now entirely ruined. Molly the poodle has finished the job those lab crosses started, and there's a massive rip right across the middle. Oh well - at least it'll gird our loins in reparing it. I'm thinking - maybe tiles?

To bed for me. I hope, whoever you are and wherever you are in the world, you have a very pleasant night.