Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Hmm. On reading the last entry, I really must learn not to blog for the sake of blogging.

Today, I had my osteo(psycho)path appointment. Working on my left side was quite painful - especially the 'elbow in the hip joint joy' technique I so love and miss. I broke out in a cold sweat and had to visit the happy place in my head a couple of times. Then he rolled me onto my left side and worked my right hip.

Oh God. It was too painful even to laugh. I only managed a dry smirk.

"You ok?" he asked, grinding his elbow into the hip hollow.

"Yiiiip. Fiiiiine." I squeaked, womanfully. I went to the happy place only to find it overrun with rats gnawing on my bones. Luckily, it didn't last nearly as long as previous sessions, so the torture was relatively short lived. I got some advice on how to deal with Fisher's bursitis (or 'burstitis' as she endearingly calls it), and he kindly offered help with my massage course - so that's good news.

We then picked the dogs up and went straight to St Andrews' gym for an hour's session. I reluctantly got on the treadmill, and managed 5k in 30 minutes, never dropping below 6.2mph. I then had an absolutely shit weights session of this:

3 x 12 reps bicep curl, on 35kg
3 x 12 reps stomach curl, on 12 (60kg?)
3 x 12 reps horizontal leg lift, on 110kg
3 x 12 reps shoulder press, on 20kg (just about managed it, but very tired)
1 x 6 reps pull down thingy on 40kg
1 x 6 reps pull down thingy on 35kg
1 x small tantrum because the pull down thingy was too hard, so I gave up and we went to walk the dogs on East Sands instead.

Actually, looking back on it that doesn't seem so bad after all. It seemed worse because it's that time of the month, and I always feel weak and pathetic - but apart from failing at the pull down, it's better than I thought.

The dogs had a lovely romp on East Sands, even thought the tide was high. I kept kicking a ball for them so they did a lot of running, and were watched lovingly by two complete strangers with the sort of expressions on their faces that would get them arrested if they were looking at kids that way. See - this is why dogs fulfil such an important rĂ´le in society. They provide an outlet for all the internal soppiness that our repressive society ... er ... represses. It's especially great for men, to have something on which to lavish affection without people looking at you like your a total sap - or worse, like there's something deeply disturbed about you.

Back at home we ate baguettes from Cherries and unwound in front of '24' - series 2. During this time my back gradually siezed up in that way I remember of old after psychopath sessions. I'm now sitting with an ice-pack clutched to the afflicted area, listening to Fisher yawning next door and beginning to ramble alarmingly on my blog.

I'd better get down to some studying. The due date for my first massage assignment is still a couple of weeks away, but I know me! I'll leave it til the last minute, then cram and learn nothing. I want to do this properly. Oo - which reminds me - the Psycopath said something deeply irritating when I mentioned I was just starting a massage course.

"Oh!" he said, "what a shame you're not further along. Our masseuse is retiring, and the other one is cutting down on her hours. You could have worked for us!"

Bah. Bah bah bah!!

Still, I'm not sure I'd want a *proper* job, involving actually having to be somewhere. But you never know. Stranger things have happened.

Although, not many.


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