Thursday, 5 November 2009


Location: Back from the above
Mood: *Gasp* *Splutter* *Groan*
Music: See the World
Reading: One Day, David Nicholls
Playing: Wet

Decided to up my reading - hence the new tag above. Also to keep track of my PS3/2 games, as I have a tendency to forget whether I like them or not. So far, Wet is ok - but quite repetetive. It's the same shoot-em-up acrobatics each time. Not as bad as Assassins Creed, which was so dull I stopped playing it, but pretty same-old. Good story though. As for One Day - I've actually finished it, and I think it's excellent. The plot is uninteresting and relatively predictable, but perfectly readable. Its real strengths comes from the characterisation which, despite it also being slightly clich├ęd, is realistic, amusing and quite warts-and-all without being alienating. It's as good a modern romance as I've read. Then again, I don't really go for romances. The women are almost always pathetic and the men knobs, so I steer clear.

Anyway, this was really only a blog to make not of my first run outside for what seems ages. I did 5k in 33.58. I didn't go up 'our' hill, but instead went towards the village, then right and to the top of the hill there instead. Then back. I was quite happy with it, for a change, and felt like I worked hard. My Garmin said I'd burned just over 400 calories, whilst diet and fitness today claim it's just under. Guess which one I'm going to believe?

So that's me for the mo. Going to have a lovely long, lazy bath and read something new. Probably the Clarissa Dickson-Wright Wheeler gave me for my birthday.


Anonymous said...

where are you?