Tuesday, 3 November 2009

She's Dead, Gym

Location: Struggling to sit upright
Mood: Somewhat crotchety
Music: Beatus Vir I a 6 Voci Concertato

Just back from the gym, hence the o-so-clever pun (come back Richard Whitely, all is forgiven). It's been the first bit of exercise for what feels like an awfully long time and has left me feeling wrung out like an ole sponge.

I ran from the gate to the gym in 11.28 seconds, which isn't bad for me. I don't know what it is about that stretch of road, but it just wipes me out. There's quite a long uphill stretch, but it's not that uphill - it just seems like running through porridge. Hmm. I'm getting the feeling of deja-vu. Have I written this before? Probably. I think I bitch about it to Fisher every single time, so it wouldn't exactly be a towering surprise if I let my bore-fest spill over to the written word.

Having arrived at the gym, I walked to catch up with Fisher who was walking the dogs along the Tay. I only just managed to avoid one of my killingly painful tum-craps ... tum-cramps, CRAMPS, dear God! Bloody speed-typing ... and managed to walk it off before returning to the gym. Once there I hopped on the static bike (if, by 'hop' I mean 'clamber like a groaning old crone') and did 30 minutes on cross-country setting. I managed to push it at the end and squeeze 6.5 miles out of my flaccid muscles. I then warmed down to the 7 mile point and did some core work. I managed 25 girlie press-ups this time, which suggests to me that I should start trying to do one or two full press ups at the start of each session. I also did 20 tricep dips, 12 Bastarding Sore Stomach Stretches (see post 23/10) - six each side, 5 horizontal jacks, and then lay on my back and tried to pretend that the agonising burn in my abdominals was enjoyable.

And that was that. Only an average work-out, being about 45 minutes of pure exercise (not counting the extra 5-10 mins walk), but by all that is holy, I feel quite pooped. Must be the tum-craps. Hah! My sense of humour is, as always, razor-sharp.

Now then - my next project is to find some upbeat music to play at the end of drunken evenings. Trouble is, my taste in music isn't exactly mainstream - at least, not in this country. I tend to hear things on TV shows that I like, then look them up and buy the albums. This means I have quite a lot of American, not-very-well-known artists in my collection, which is fine for general background music, but if you want people to start whoopin' and a-singin', it's a bit of a let down. So anyone with any suggestions for party, singalong music, please comment.