Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Location: Back from Tesco
Mood: Chipper
Mood: End of the Line

Today, Fisher and I decided that there aren't enough euphamisms for ... y'know ... the old lady garden. The vajayjay. The ... see, now, I've run out. And I mean inoffensive ones - ones that don't make you wince slightly. So, as an experiment, we decided we'd read out every sign we saw and apply it as a euphemism. These are some of the best ... and the worst. Try using each one after the words "Ooyah, me ..." like you've just been struck between the legs by a football.

The best:
1. Fun Junction (name of a joke shop in Perth)
2. Flower House
3. Cake Topping (?!?)
4. Original Source (bath foam - doesn't sound quite so earth-mothery if you add that, though).

The worst:
1. Turkish Kebab House
2. Seriously Farmy Cheddar
3. Redroom (restaurant in Perth)
4. Ex-Servicemen's Club (quite appropriate, though!)

This is all I have to share with you today. Should I feel ashamed?


Lu said...

I think we alll know best for me not to comment on this one as my suggestions would undoubtly be offensive and cause much wincing....

Though if we are following the sign rule it'd be "ire Station" thanks to letters dropping off.