Saturday, 8 September 2007

Clipping Pooches

Just a quick note to remind myself we clipped the dogs today. It's the first time we've ever done it ourselves, and while it was much kinder on the dogs to do it from home, they were pretty traumatised by it all anyway, and it was sheer hell for us! Little hairs got everywhere, and I was driven absolutely crazy by the itching on my face. I ended up putting a bandanna over my mouth and nose. I could see Bridie looking at me with amusement, thinking Is she going to clip me or hold up a stagecoach?

We started off using the plastic guards on the clipper, but even the shortest one left Bridie's coat a little too long - so we ended up not using guards at all. Bridie's pretty patchy in places, and both dogs have slightly hilarious paws, but on the whole I think we aquitted ourselves well. It took around 4 hours to do both of them, and I've managed to get sunburn on my back and shoulders. Gah! When will I learn?

I've just reaslied I'm starving hungry, so I'm off to get myself a bowl of cereal and some coffee before beating my head against a wall as I watch England lose against Israel.