Monday, 24 September 2007

Unnnnnngghhhhh ...

The title echoes the sounds I'm mentally making as I sit and type. I spent an hour in the gym today, and I really don't know what's happened to my fitness levels but I'm utterly dead on my feet. All I did was a mile and a half (15 mins 50secs - slooooooow) on the treadmill and 4 miles (15 mins) on the bike (not so slooooooooow), with half an hour's weight training as well. This really doesn't seem enough to have wiped me out quite so astonishingly - but maybe I'm being tough on myself. If anyone were actually reading this I could ask for some feedback, but I'm pretty sure that, apart from a couple of loyal friends, this is vanishing into the big blogvoid in the ether.

Hey ho.

God I'm tired.


Ruth said...

I'm reading it but can offer no tips...only sympathy. Try blaming your hormones, that's what I do.

warriorwoman said...

Well I'd give myself a break if I were you (and I'd probably open a bottle of wine and have a bath) - looks like you've done quite enough in the last week with all that walking.