Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Just got back from shopping at Tesco and a bit of triathlon training, and I'm utterly dropping! I biked to Tentsmuir while Fisher took the Drover. It's officially 7 miles, but as the first mile is entirely down hill I don't think it really counts. Boo. Anyway, I did, on average, 4 1/2 minute miles which is about the same as I do in the gym - so I was pretty pleased with that. Then I took a patiently waiting Baffanoo out of the Drover and ran 5k. I believe, last time I did this, it took me over 40 minutes. This time it took 38 1/2 minutes - so, again, I was very pleased. I was even more pleased that Baffie kept pace with me and there's no sign of a limp.

Fisher completed her 5k in a little over 28 minutes, but she may be faster than me but she is an awful person and must live with this fact all her life, while I am lovely.

: )

We then went to Tesco and did our weekly shop which has proved the final straw for both my stamina and my sanity, which is only clinging on by a very thin thread.

I'm off for a shower and to play a bit of Tomb Raider Anniversary. It's very good. I'd forgotten how tense the first ones are! I've just completed the T-Rex level which drove me a little crazy. I've got a sneaking suspicion I should have found some other weaponry by now, but I killed him with my pistols anyway.


Orlando said...

Well you see, in the T-rex level, I found the secret was to back into the tunnel you came from - the T-Rex can't get in after you, but hangs around outside within easy pistol-shot range.
don't know what strange memory cache that came out of....