Friday, 28 September 2007


Once again I've foisted myself onto the 'ladies who lunge' - a small group of extremely good squash players who are not only twice my ability, but almost twice my age. Ok, not Brave Bird, but even she could be my Mum, so it's only mildly humiliating when they wipe the squash court floor with me. I've never known a more athletic bunch of 50 + year olds. They fling themselves about the place like teenagers, while I lumber like a creaking hippo and flail wildly at the occasional ball I actually see!

Anyway, I've decided that this season I want to improve my game considerably. If this means joining a squash ladder again, then so be it. I'll do it, and be much more efficient about actually phoning people and getting the games organised. I'm not sure I can face joining the team again. It's too depressing, giving up a whole night to getting gubbed time and time again. We haven't won a single bloody match! I admit, I was rather relived when my bad back put me out of the team last season. But I think I'll just bite the bullet and do it - maybe as a reserve.

I'm bored - hence the blog of nothing.

Oh - but I did go to the gym yesterday, despite telling myself I really needed a proper rest. It was pretty depressing, time-wise, and effort-wise, which only reinforces my belief that what I desperately need is a couple of days off to get my limbs in working order again. My wrist still isn't quite 100%, but it's not painful - so I'm hoping squash, with its lighter raquet, isn't going to make it worse again.

Cosmotourist is offline, so I can't write anything for them - but I might have a bash at some humour for Hey ho. I'm hoping that my writing will pay for Chrismas this year.

A bientôt.