Monday, 1 October 2007

Bike Ride

Well, today was beautiful: sunny and warm, with all the fields glowing in the light. It was perfect for a cycle, so when Fisher headed into St Andrews for a run, I took the bike. I thought I'd cycle to the Leisure Centre, then jump into the pool for some laps.

Fat chance.

It was awful. I did 8 miles in 49 minutes, which is around 6.20 mins a mile. Terrible, terrible, terrible. The wind was blowing in my face the whole way and I just found it all unbearably tedious, not to mention exhausting. When I arrived in St Andrews it was to see Fisher puffing along the path above East Sands, looking boot faced. It turns out she was having a terrible time of it, as well - and then I remembered we'd both only eaten two bits of toast all day. I really hope that makes a big difference.

Anyway, there was no way I was going to get into the pool after that debacle of knackeredness, so we went to Morrisons, got supper, and came home. Morrisons is terrible! The only thing I like about it is the fish counter. Everything else is just poor - especially the fruit and veg.

Anyway, I'm now feeling tired, grumpy, and a bit silly, too. I had my first fall today, you see - and it wasn't in any way dramatic, glamorous, or anyone else's fault. Boo. I just cycled up to the top of the rise outside our house, lost my balance, and rode into a hawthorn bush. I then fell off. I have some impressive-looking but actually superficial scratches on the back of my hand, and a tiny pinprick where a bloody great thorn impaled my finger. It bled profusely, making the bike handle all sticky and gross, but looks like nothing! Where's the justice? It's reeeeeally sore!!


Anyway, I'm all tucked up at home now, listening to Jeff Buckley as I type and getting ready for a big, deep, soaky bath before watching Spurs get trounced by Villa (doubtless).

Ooh looky. A glass. And it's half empty.