Wednesday, 31 October 2007


By gum, I feel really quite pooped. Yesterday was supposed to involve gentle exercise and a nosebag with Fonda. Instead, Fisher decided she wanted to go for a run and guilted me into doing some exercise as well. I haven't been for a bike ride in ages, but also recognised I ought to run - so I drove to St Andrews, parked at the Old Course, and ran to the gym which is just over 1.5 miles - I could only measure it roughly, and I think it's about 1.7. I set a good pace for me, and finished in 18 minutes. I then did 20 minutes on the gym bike, on 'hill' setting (killer - starts on 4, goes gradually up to 20, then 18, 14 and 9 before finishing on 4 again) and covered just under 5 miles.

I was quite tired after this. Back home we wolfed baguettes from Cherries and gave ourselves indigestion, watched Countdown and the awful champion pulverise another poor sap (I'm terrible at the moment - can't get over a 7 letter word and mostly struggling for 6s), and tried to chill out before aquafit.

We picked Fonda up at 6.30 and headed into Dundee. Aquafit felt more strenuous this time round, but probably only because of the exercise we'd already done. Looking around the class I realised they'd probably sorted the wheat from the chaff because I couldn't find a single person not putting effort in. There was only one woman younger than us - and boy can those older women work out! There was a granny behind me with her shoulders so far out of the water you could almost see her waist.


I must say, I find aquafit a little dull and was clock watching from about 15 minutes from the end - but it is a nice change from the usual routine. It was also lovely to go out to the DCA for supper with Fonda, whom we haven't seen for months and who's back together with her flakey boyfriend (well, he sounds flakey anyway) and hating her boring job. Still, she was cheerful and chatty as ever, so it was great. We had a very pleasant night - and now it's the next day and I feel like I was run over by a bus.

Fisher is off getting milk for coffee, so I'm really hoping a caffeine jolt will make everything rosier.