Wednesday, 31 October 2007

More Climbing

Today was supposed to be a quiet day of rest and relaxation, but Fisher decided she really wanted to go climbing and gave me the big eyes, so off we went.

This time we had a nice young man who showed us the ropes - ha ha - and was very cheery about it. We had a 2 hour session, and I conquered my previous nemesis with ease, proving my biggest obstacle is stamina. Fisher can dangle off walls and actually recharge her batteries, but when my fingers have gone, they've gone.

Anyhoo - we had a lovely time conquering the walls, did a spot of bouldering at the end, and went home satisfied members of A Vertical World. Tip top tastic. We can now rock up and pay £4.50 for a session, bring 2 guests with us, and hopefully improve our strength and fitness.

Good stuff.

Of course, I'm utterly knackered now, and disheartened by the fact that Fisher is blonde and therefore gets all the praise and fawning from all instructors, while I get totally ignored (save for when I'm being told I 'wander' or to keep the rope tighter). Hey ho. At least I can console myself that I don't actually care.