Thursday, 4 October 2007

Fun Cycle

Just got back from a lovely bike ride, accompanying Fisher on her 9 mile run. It was a beautiful day, perfect for exercise, being clear but cloudy with a fine breeze. I must say, I really enjoyed not worrying about time, pushing myself, or doing anything other than just getting round the course.

It turned out to be quite a good workout anyway. Naturally not a patch on Fisher's effort, but the hills required some serious effort. Quarry Road is a bitch! It's bad enough running, but on a bike it's much worse. There were around 5 or 6 hills at the start of the course, so it was a good test for my lungs and legs, and I was quite pleased with how I tackled them. Then I got to regain my breath as Fisher caught up, so it was all quite relaxed.

The course is beautiful: up over the rolling hills that surround us, with views out to Dundee and the fields a patchwork of green, and pale gold stubble. Then we headed down a long hill to the junction with the main road, where I stopped off at a little shop in search of a gift for Janus (no joy) before catching Fisher up again. We had some trouble with swarms of little flies, and I got several in my eyes while Fisher had a couple drowing in the sweat of her brow. Niiice. Then we had a noisy but along the main road before heading into the homeward stretch.

I'm really tired now, but I'm not sure how justified that is! It was only 9 miles on a bike, taking it very easy - but there were those hills as well, so maybe it's not surprising I feel like having a nice long snooze.

Tomorrow I must get my costume finished off for Janus's birthday party. I also have to pick up her gift. I know what I'm getting her (well, it's a toss-up between 2 things) and I'm pretty sure I've decided ... but I may yet change my mind.

Ag. Bored myself.

I'm off for a lovely soak in the bath.