Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Hmm ... just remembered that 'crocked' in the US means a slightly different thing than it does in the UK. Rest assured, my friends, I have not taken to having a skinful of liquor before 10 am and am not drunkenly singing rude sea-shanties as I type (as is often my wont when pissed). Instead, I am labouring with two injuries that are seriously pissing me off.

First is my left ankle. I believe I've mentioned this several times, but the Achilles tendon is causing considerable discomfort when I walk on it. I've now been resting it for several days, taking ibuprofen to reduce inflammation - but to no avail.

Secondly, I played tennis on Friday - just a quick game of singles, no effort required - and my right knee was very, very sore. It feels like it's the anterior cruciate ligament, as it's right in the middle. On the other hand, there's no swelling or anything - it's just a sharp, fierce pain which comes and goes. After all, I started the tennis game, felt the pain yet managed to finish a full (quick) set. This can't be serious, so I'm hoping that rest, ice, and ibuprofen will do the trick.

I had my first case study yesterday. I think it went well. I feel like a proper therapist and everything, with my forms and questions. I'm supposed to be utterly professional, but it's hard with people you know really well. Some of the instructions made me chuckle and I had to share them with my client.

"To establish a rapport," I read, "it is important to show a genuine interest in your client."

"Well you've not shown any so far," Meeper - friend of 10 years - retorted.

Aside from that, I was pleased with the way the massage went, and how the client responded. I'll be really interested to see if it makes any difference overall. Roll on the next victim!

Again ... I should probably not use such terminology when in professional mode.