Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Gym 'n' Not Gettin' Thyn

Yes. I am not losing weight. This is a slight puzzle, as I've been relatively conservative with the old fodder, but it is that time of the month, when I slowly inflate like a water balloon.

Strange the things you don't mind telling the world via blog.

Anyway, my achilles tendonitis was feeling ok today, so I walked the pooches at Tentsmuir with Fisher. It's just under 2.5 miles, so it was a good test of my ankle - which held up fine, even on the sand. The pooches had a whale of a time, swimming after sticks, chowing down on revolting bird carcasses, wading through the stench-packing mud of various ditches and ponds, and - in Bridie's case - going walkabout for a good 5 minutes as we yelled and shrieked for her. Luckily she returned, but we are a little paranoid about the Dark One since her overnight jaunt which caused Fisher, Lubentina and Arrow so much trouble.

With a good walk under our belts, we decided to head to Cairnie Fruit Farm for lunch. They have a good café with panninis and the like - and we got some strawberries and a wee treat for Koios for when she comes up at the weekend.

So that was a pleasant way to spend the morning, and, because my ankle had behaved I agreed to toddle off to the gym for a wee workout. I haven't been in an age, so I thought I'd take it easy. Of course, once there I decided (why, why??) to do some Yassos. I managed 4 sets of 2 laps, with the first lap at 8mph and the second at 7mph (sort of - actually I usually managed slightly more than 1 1/4 laps on 8). Christ, it's knackering - but so very, very satisfying. I was dripping by the end of it. I finished off the 5k distance at a steady 5.5mph recovery pace, and completed 5k in around 32 minutes, which with the 1 lap walk between each set of 2, was fine. Fisher tells me that one should build up to doing 10 Yassos. I told Fisher to go the hell to Hell.

This just in! Exciting news!

Our completion date for the new house is the 11th July! We therefore should get this old tub on the market very soon, and, god willing, sell the place by the end of summer. We have a few bits and pieces to do before it's shipshape, but otherwise there's nothing stopping us getting the Estate Agents in, showing them round, then murdering them and burying them in the garden.

House hunting gives you a certain distaste for those of that ilk.

Now I'm off to trawl the internet for fun things to put on the nedding list. A bientĂ´t, mes amis.