Friday, 31 October 2008

Greetings, people. How long it's been! I apologise for not keeping the old Blog-o up to date, but I've been slightly busy. Let me give you a brief rundown of events, in bullet-point form.


* Diet: Hopeless. Been eating like a horse, and not only has amount been an issue, but quality as well. Being so busy means I've not cooked properly for weeks. A vegetable is a rare sight indeed - and while we hoped to get back on track after the craziness subsided, that just hasn't happened. It's been a bit of an eye-opener, and a depressing one at that, seeing just how easy it is to slip back into very bad habits. It's been years since I've eaten the way I am at the moment, and now there's really no excuse to do so you'd think we'd go back to our healthier ways. But no. Food really is an addiction, and one I'm determined to break. So:

*Exercise: See above. Went for my first run in over 2 weeks yesterday. Headed out the front door, up the road (which I thought was going to be flat, but proved to be a steady climb for over a mile) and ran for 15 minutes. I then ran back, feeling like shite. Still, I completed a half hour run, and was hoping I'd got close to 3 miles in that time. I didn't have a Garmin with me, so could only estimate distance by time run - but I knew Fisher was going out later and would measure it for me. She did. Result? In just under 30 minutes, she claimed I ran 2.4 miles. Two. Point four. I was gutted. My only hope was that the Garmin didn't like our new area, and was playing up - so I measured it in the car, later. Result? 2.2 miles. Fuckaduck. The Garmin is obviously MUCH more accurate.
* Moving: Has happened! We're now happily ensconsed in our new country house, which is charming and wonderful - as are our friends, who gaily helped us move, with the only payment being some roast chicken and copious amounts of booze. Fisher was quite amazed at how much got done in a single day - especially conisdering how little has got done in 3 months by the builders. I'm telling you - there's a fortune to be made by someone with some vague organisational skills who fancies going into the building trade. It's a mess. We've been here nearly a week now, and we've seen 1 brickie and 1 roofer - that's it. No joiner, no plumber, no chief - nothing. I am PISSED OFF. The chief is supposed to be coming round today, but the likelihood of that happening is slim to none, especially after Fisher sent a snotty text and got a slightly snotty one back, leading to yet more outpourings of snot from her, and back and forth it goes. Hey ho. If things are not PERFECT for sister's arrival, I shall withhold payment.

So that's the bullet-point version. What else is there to say? We're having a merry old time exploring the area, but less of a merry old time with the geothermal heating, which is supposed to heat both the house radiators and the water. We've managed to get the water heater to click across, by manually putting the thermostat-dial-thingy on the hot water heater right down to the bottom - but so far, no luck with it automatically doing it itself. And the hot water is barely warm enough to wash your hands - you certainly couldn't have a bath, or really even a shower. We don't get it, and are living off the ermersion heater right now, which is not the idea at all. Still, at least we can get hot water when we want it.

I'm boring myself. God knows how many readers I've got left after my hiatus - and now this load of drivel. I shall stop, and only return with wildly amusing/entertaining things to say.

We're off to see Quantum of Solace tonight with the gang in Edinburgh. I hope it's better than its title. See ya!


Lubentina said...

Know you like ongoing projects for the old blog, so wondered if you fancied doing Nanowrimo this year? Heck I've even remembered about it in the right month and everything! ;)

"National Novel Writing Month is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing November 1. The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30."