Saturday, 19 January 2008


Played squash - made people run for a change, and ran a lot myself, which suggests improvement (still gubbed up and down the court though).

Did a few weights in the gym after, and have serious doubts about the weight increments I've been believing I've been hefting. I stood on the scales and weighed how much the bicep curl added to me when I lifted it up. I have a sneaking suspicion each weight is actually 2.5kg, not 5kg - which would suck, but make much more sense. Anyway, this is what I did:

3 x 12 pull down, on 6 (35kg, supposedly). Did one set to the back of my neck, one to the chest with hands far apart, one set to the chest with hands close together
1 x 12 bicep curl, on 8 (either 40kg or 20kg)
2 x 12 " " on 7 (35kg or 17.5kg)
1 x 12 horizontal leg lift, on 12 (120kg)
2 x 12 " " " on 11 (110kg)
1 x 12 leg curls, on 8 (fuck knows, fuck cares - I HATE that thing. It seriously hurts, like cramp)

Then Fisher was ready to come home. She made a delicious dinner, after we valiantly managed to resist getting pizza. Smoked haddock with pancetta risotto. Deelicious. Alas, I then ate almost 2 whole bars of Green & Black's chocolate - one Maya Gold, the other Butterscotch - so I would have been better off getting pizza.

Pro is so going to win this bet. Still, before scarfing the chocs I'd lost 4 pounds, so with any luck the fact I ate like a frickin' Cistercian during the day will help.

Hm. Just checked the fat and calorie content. Bad idea. Suffice it to say, I would have been much better off just getting the goddamned pizza. However, it's ludicrous to imagine myself primly eating only a small pizza and nothing else, so I would have had pizza and chocolate, and would be crying myself to sleep with chocolate all round my mouth right now.

Onwards and upwards. Downwards, I should say, if we're thinking poundage. No point in dwelling on the silly stuff. Just get back on the horse, forget the slips, and struggle onwards. In a week or so I'll probably start enjoying healthy food again. It'll improve my moods, make me crave fresh fruit and veg, and generally improve me as a person.


I swear ... a pig! It just flew past my window!


Candace said...

Are you sure it was a pig, or an RAF secret weapon that LOOKS like a pig? Oh wait - is there a Pink Floyd concert anywhere near?

Now I have to go find some chocolate...