Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Quick Update

Went to the gym - miraculously helped to stave off migraine - and did this:

30 mins on bike, cross-country setting (highest level 17 - but only for a few minutes). I left it on the gym setting, rather than ratcheting it up a couple of points, as I usually do, because I wanted to be easy on myself. I wasn't. I worked hard, and did just over 8 miles in the 30 mins, which means an average of 16mph - which I was ok with.

Then went straight to the running machine and ran a mile ... ok, I ran half a mile, then had to stop and stretch out my calves, which were incredibly tight. Then I ran the other half - and did the whole thing in 11.30, which I'll take.

Then did weights. I've finally figured out that the pull down machine does, indeed, go up in 5kg increments, which means the first hole is 15kg. So I did 3 x 12 reps at 35kg (pulling down in front of me, 'cos Phid told me I should) and found it much easier! I must have been doing 40kg before ... which, dammit! means I should continue to do 40kg.

Also did:

3 x 12 bicep curl on 6 (prob 15kg)
2 x 12 chest press, 40kg. Then got bored and hungry, so went home and made a sea bass dish I was quite pleased with, to begin with, but became annoyed over by the end. The fish itself was fine. I stuffed each one with ginger, garlic, red chilli, fresh coriander and parsley, then drizzled them with olive oil, kikkoman and sherry. But to accompany it, I made a sort of vegetable ragout with cumin seeds and paprika, cooked with a tin of tomatoes and port - and it was just a bit wet, and too many flavours. In future I'll leave out the port and paprika. I also did pan fried potatoes, though, and they were good. Followed by strawberries with Elmlea, and a little Kit-Kat. Add my apple, and an orange juice, and I've actually eaten 5 portions of fruit 'n' veg today! Huzzah!

Alas, I got on the scale this morning and despite being rather restrained over the last week, I've lost nary a pound. The ice cream cake is Pro's. I know it.