Friday, 11 January 2008

Song II

I've written another song. Seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment. Anyway - I'm actually quite pleased with it (shock! horror!) although it's rather sad. Here are the lyrics. Comments welcome.

Morrigan's Daughter

Do you remember the time
When we drank too much wine
How we ran to the shoreline and danced in the sea?
There was snow on the sand
And I held out my hand
Watched the flakes as they melted at first touch of me

Remember the way that you turned in the water
Your hair in the moonlight like silver, fine-spun,
The night in your eyes just like Morrigan's daughter
You faded before me like I was the sun

I remember so well
How you suddenly fell
The gleam of your arm a wild flash in the dark
And I stretched out a hand
I still can't understand
How quick you were gone, like a vanishing spark


And I'll see you somewhere
In a girl with gold hair
Or a woman whose skin is the pearliest white
But those girls in the sun
No, they're never the one
For my Morrigan's daughter is lost in the night

(Chorus x 2)