Monday, 4 February 2008

I Hate Dogs

After a lovely Saturday night out with Lu and Arrow (we went to the Cellar in Anstruther, which was most fine) we've had a bit of a bitch of a week, thanks to the 2 dogs we've got staying. They've turned out to be incredibly destructive, and have wreaked this much damage:

1 x pair sports socks, gift to me from Janues
1 x Athlete CD
1 x Five for Fighting CD
2 x mix CDs
1 x pair beautiful deerskin gloves, gift to me from Koi
1 x skirting board and wall beside fridge, chewed
1 x kitchen floor, lino ripped up in 1m square

Naturally it's the last 3 I'm most furious about, and I really don't know what to do about the lino and wall. To be fair, the wall is just a small patch of chewed destruction, and won't be that noticeable if it's painted - although it will be patchy. The lino is a different matter. Seeing as we want to rent the place out, we'll need to have the whole floor re-lined, but can we charge the owners the cost of the whole re-flooring? It would be about £200 - which seems excessive for a 1m square bit of destruction. But if it's patched, it'll be very noticeable, and ruin the sleek look of my lovely kitchen, where lies my heart.


Plus - my gloves! I love those gloves. Koi gave them to me for my birthday and they were soft as anything, as well as an almost tailored fit.

The good news is they go home today, and with any luck we'll never see them again. Fucking Springer Spaniels. I've never met one I like - and these are only half springer. The rest is black lab - not a dog I'm fond of, either, for that matter, and is the reason they moult black hair all over everything, driving Fisher insane.

All in all, I'm looking forward to the little shits being picked up and taken far, far away.


Candace said...

Ouch! I hope the owners make restitution!

Seshat said...

They did, luckily. They're forking out enough to pay for half the lino fitting, and replacing my gloves. The rest I let go because the CDs are on my computer anyway and I'm a truly lovely person who will go to heaven.

Ruth said... springadors for me then. Those were beautiful gloves...