Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Quick Note

Feel quite virtuous - sent a letter to Baffie's Boy in the States, rather than an email. I love getting personal snail mail and nobody ever sends any anymore. There's a real art to writing a good letter - one my grandmother had down pat - but it's sadly dying out.

Went to the gym - turned out to be a bit of a palaver as we had to wait until a)it quietened down and b)a gym class finished, so even though we arrived at 5.30 it wasn't until 7 we got into the gym. Once there I did this:

1.5 miles on treadmill, 15 mins.
2 x 12 reps on pull down, 40kg
1 x 12 reps on pull down, 35kg
3 x 12 reps on chest press, 40kg
1 x 12 reps on bicep curl, 40 (or 20) kg
1 x 6 reps on bicep curl, 40/20kg
1 x 12 reps on bicep curl, 35/17.5kg

And that was that. Home for bits 'n' pieces for supper and a ridiculous amount of TV. Really should start reading more and watching less.

Looking forward to the weekend! Going to Sangsters in Elie for nosh with Spar 'n' Blar, Ceegar and Northern Lass.