Wednesday, 27 February 2008


What a beautiful day! Sunny, clear and mild - it's freaking me out!

Took the pooches to West Sands and gave them a quick run. Unfortunately there was a class of beach sailors there, who kept threatening to run us all over, so I couldn't give them the romp they deserved. Still, better than nothing - and then I went to the gym. I only did 30 mins, including:

1 mile on treadmill at 9.33. I actually did .5 of a mile in 4.33, but had to slow down.
2 x 12 reps lat pull-down, on 7 (45kg)
1 x 12 reps lat pull-down, on 6
2 x 12 reps chest push, on 8 (40kg)
1 x 12 reps chest push, on 7
10 mins on bike, hill setting. I do not have any idea how Phid can stay above 80 rpms when it goes up to 18 (I didn't put it up to 20 this time), but my respec' goes out to her. I did 2.75miles in 1o mins, which is 16.5mph. 3.64 minutes per mile - whatever that is in seconds. If my maths is correct. Which is almost certainly isn't.

Anyway, by then my half hour was up and I had to slink out, unfeasably tired, before the sexy girl in the rowing top noticed how utterly fagged I was (no pun intended). I was immensely cheered to see 4 women in the gym, all of whom were working very hard, with no make-up or silliness in sight. Makes a change.

That brings me pretty much up to date. Now I'm off to have a bath and fall asleep.


SAM said...

Sexy girl eh?

Seshat said...

She really was.

Ruth said...

In my experience, gym bikes have completely random settings. So an 18 on mine is probably a 2 on yours. Since changing gyms I've no idea what level to do any more.

Seshat said...

It's far more likely, however, that your fitness levels are by far superior. Also, that you have less trouble lifting your legs than I do.