Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Had a truly delightful weekend with Spartan, Blarney, Ceegar and Northern Lass, who turned up as I was struggling with a migraine on Saturday, but whose presence certainly helped it depart. We went out to Sangsters in Elie for supper - one of my favourite restaurants for its intimacy, excellent food and brilliant policy on wine (they only add a maximum of £10 to a bottle). I had delicious scallops to start with, good fish for main (although I found the sauce a little vinegary for my taste - while Fisher loved its tartness) and cheese for dessert. Also had great Cullen Skink as an intemediary course, washed down with a bottle of house champagne (Deutz), a lovely pinot whose name I forget, a glass of port, a glass of Remy Martin, and two whiskies on our return home.

Unsurprisingly, I wasn't all that happy the next day. A fab night, though, and next day we had a walk on the beach and were kindly treated to a baguette lunch from Cherries in St Andrews, which I scarfed while watching some sub-standard footie on telly. Man City beat Man U 0-2, though, so that was exciting (if irksome from a fantasy footie point of view), and then Liverpool drew at Stanford Bridge in one of the most mind-numbingly dull games I've seen in my life. It was English football at its absolute worst. No drive, no passion, and too much hoofing the ball long. Dreadful. Couple this with the fact Torres was out injured and scoring me no fantasy points, and I was cheesed to waste an afternoon with such tripe.

The pals all left after the footie, leaving Fisher and me to look glumly at each other and give in to the call of hangover food (namely a repulsive Chinese from Leuchars, best forgotten). Then to bed, and on the morrow I weighed myself in trepidation ...

... and discovered I'd put ON every single pound I've lost over the last 3 weeks! All in the space of 2 days! Monstrous! So, before I could think twice about it, I put on my sports stuff and went for a run up Quarry Road before Koios and Pro arrived for yet more fun. I managed 3.5miles in a hideously slow time, but all that Chinese food was weighing my legs down. Then, to celebrate my energy levels, we went to The Fish Restaurant in St Andrews for a long, leisurely lunch. Koios and Pro were in good form, the food was wonderful, and I didn't feel too evil as it's only fush! In fact, today I'm down to being a pound more than I was before the weekend, so all is - if not well, then not as disasterous as I thought.

The bad news is that Pro is ducking out of our Valentine's evening like a big coward. He was going to be the only bloke there with 6 girls, and I was going to insist he wore a pimp suit and we all handed him envelopes of money as we sat down, and called him Big Daddy throughout the evening. Now he's bottled it - God knows why - and the opportunity of freaking out all the fellow diners (who deserve it for being sucked into the nonsense that is 'Love Day') is lost. Boooo!

Other news is that I've been accepted to do a therapeutic massage course, beginning on 6th March at 7.30, in Peebles.

Yes, Peebles.

So, anyone in Edinburgh reading this blog - any chance of a bed on these evenings:

Thurs 6 March
Sat 12th April
Sat 10th May
Sat 7th June
Sat 23rd August
Sat 20th Sept
Sat 18th Oct

Booo! That last one is an exam weekend, which means my birthday will be a total bum-fest. Never mind, I'll just celebrate a week later.

Quite excited! I'll be able to ease some of the aches and pains of my idio ... brave friends running the marathon in May. Wahay!


Ruth said...

I am jealous! I want to do a massage course...you must teach me everything you know. In return for which I will clear a path through the boxes to the spare bed any night (except the first one, when I'm away and have no spare keys to give you).

Ruth said...

Er, in fact there's like a whole spare flat at the moment....not sure for how much longer though.