Friday, 20 March 2009

Island Trip Part 4

The other day, Gemmill asked me this question:

"Auntie Fi, what's a legend?"
I answered with my usual panache. He nodded sagely. Then:
"What's a dairy?"
Slightly surprised by the twist this conversation had taken, I replied to the best of my knowledge. Gemmill looked somewhat puzzled, thought a bit, then shook his head in bafflement.
"So ... what's legendary?"

Legend-dairy. Brilliant.

Anyway, we're all a bit under the weather today. I've got a heavy head and a nasty, nasty sore throat. Sister has been feeling sick, tired and sore of head and tum. Gemmill seems ok, but was very tired as he went to school. To give Sister a break and the chance to nap, I took Wrecker and Tertius to Cliad beach. Unfortunately, this was not a success. The wind was too strong and Tertius spent the whole time screaming, while Wrecker couldn't kick the football and I became swiftly crabbit. So, after only 10 minutes or so, I packed them all back into the car and took them into the village. There's a play park there, but Wrecker wasn't interested at all. He was really sleepy, and on the way back to the house he started drifting off. I only just stopped him from falling asleep, and got him into the house to lie on the sofa with his mother. I then headed out again in the car to see if we could keep Tertius sleeping for longer. On this trip, I learned that Project Trust is a mere 1.2 miles away, and my epic walk of the day before was merely 2.4 miles. Even if I was pushing the huuuge buggy, this is hardly a substitute for proper exercise. I really have to go out for a run soon, but feeling like I do right now, that's just not going to happen.

I'm hoping that the under-the-weather feel is due to the ferry trip still working its way through the boys' systems, but god knows. After all, they did spend hours in the Oban soft play area, diving through germ-infested plastic balls and landing face-first on apparatus landed on by a thousand children before them. It'll be just my luck to pick up some foul plague while I'm here. In fact, I don't think there's been an occasion in the history of my nephews where I've NOT picked up some lurgi during their visit.

Sister is still asleep, so is clearly not feeling at all the thing. Tertius is asleep on her lap, and Wrecker is sitting on her knee staring at Power Rangers (SPD - emergency!). I think I may be becoming addicted to Power Rangers. Cat is quite hot.

O God. I need to go home.