Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Island Trip Part 7

Fisher's here!

Huzzah huzzoo.

Did the school run with Wrecker (following Gem in the school bus - how daft is that? Gem has a place, Wreck doesn't) and by the time I got back it was almost Fisher's due time to arrive. When she did I almost fell on her neck with joy. I didn't feel like I missed her much, but then I actually saw here and realised just how much she's a part of me. I can get by without her, but I'd rather not.

Anyway, the day has been spent in this manner:

1. Car picnic for lunch. Fish and chips from the Island Café, taken to Red Rocks Beach (or thereabouts) and eaten while sitting in the car, watching the waves crash, the rain drive against the windscreen, and the wind send the white tops scudding. We then went out in this filth to walk Baffie and Bridie, who were being little angels in the boot of the car.
2. Picked up Gem from school at 3. Went to get Wreck a haircut, kindly done by a proficient friend with kiddies.
3. Prised Gem and Wreck away from Star Wars Wii game post haircut, tea and cake. Tantrum. Gem announces he 'hates me.'
4. Back home, fed and watered boys, got homework done, gave Wreck his very belated birthday present - a set of foam struts with attachments and bits of material, from which you can make just about any kind of 'den' - a boat, a fort, a spaceship ... whatever. Boys delighted. Bounce up and down saying "thank you thank you thank you" to Auntie Fisher.
5. Boys bathed and in bed. Gem still not asleep even now, but not far away.

During this day, my voice has completely vanished. This has never happened to me before. I've almost lost it on a few occasions, but this time it's almost totally gone. Not only that but my throat is really sore again, despite it feeling much better yesterday and not troubling me at all this morning. I'm quite fed up. Not being able to talk is a major, major pain in the arse when trying to control children and dogs.

Right. Must away and help in the kitchen.