Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Island Trip Part 8

Thank God for Fisher!

I've had a wonderfully relaxed day in comparison, with Fisher able to take over some of my tasks - including entertaining the boys after Gem came home from school. This has meant I was able to truly chill out with a book and t'internet for a good couple of hours today. Luxury!

Otherwise, our main event of the day was taking Wreck and Tertius to the beach for a walk with the dogs. Wreck was adorable, insisting on taking Baffie's lead on the way back and hanging on for dear life all the way back to the car, while Fisher held his other hand to keep him from being dragged along like bait. The pooches were quite good. They do respond to the whistle Fisher's bought - especially Baffie. Bri tends to finish whatever it is she's doing, thanks very much (usually poo/dead guillemot related), and then return for her biscuit - but she's definitely better than sans whistle.

Gem was sad when he came back from school, as Sister had to tell him that the cock, Ginger, had been killed on the road. I wonder who hit him with the car (Ginger, not Gem)? Strange that they didn't stop. Gem loved that bird and used to cuddle him like a teddy bear. Towards everyone else, Ginger was a savage beast. He flew at Wrecker, pecked the backs of my legs (luckily wearing wellies at the time) and attempted to pick a fight with me as I was feeding the calf. Sister isn't exactly wearing the laurel for him - but Gem was pretty upset. But he said he didn't want his aunties to know that he was sad, so he would pretend to be "a happy boy". Funny, the faces we learn to wear.

Despite all that, I am not going round the island examining the fronts of cars in search of cock blood and feathers. Miss Marple I ain't. (Probably more Hercule Poirot by nature anyway - without the little grey cells).

All boys were well behaved this evening, on good form, and there were no struggles over supper, end of playtime, or bed time. Auntie Fisher had to read the bedtime story - both by popular request and because my voice is nothing more than a pathetic whisper at present - and chose Maisies Book of Amazing Words (or something of that ilk). Gem gravely informed Auntie Fisher that "they aren't that amazing" - but Wrecker was truly thrilled by the whole affair, and I could hear his squeaks and giggles from downstairs. She's really good with them both. She always says she has no imagination and that I'm much better with them, but that's simply not true. What she has is patience, which is so much more rewarding for children. She can sit with them for ages, whereas I have a great idea but get very bored within about 5 minutes and want to go off and do something else. They love their Auntie Fisher because she gives them so much time.

A pleasant eve was spent in the company of steak, baked potato and the television. I'm now in bed - early - because I slept badly last night, and also because I really want to try and knock this stupid cold on the head. A good sleep should help the vocal chords.

Until tomorrow.