Friday, 18 September 2009

Hurrah (sort of)

Today I had a mental boost, in that I got on the scales and found I'd dipped below the stone. Not by much, I hasten to add - and it probably won't last, as I went out for dinner with Phid and Fisher last night - but it does inspire me to continue in the right direction. A small bowl of cereal for breakfast, hopefully some soup or sumthin' for lunch, and then a good dinner of lamb shanks awaits (with Shah and Epona). I was going to make a pudding, but it might be more sensible to do fruit salad. Hm. Will see.

Sister, Islander and Sons arrive tomorrow evening, for a surprise jaunt. Looking forward to it.


MF said...

That is indeed hurrah! It's amazing what a difference to the mood it can made, even if it isn't that much less than when you last stood on the scales. It's the psychology of seeing the lower number first. :oD Well done!