Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Pals 'n' Perspiration

Mood: Knackered
Location: Next to Bridie
Music: Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for my Sham Friends

Just back from a 5k up the hill and back. God, that hill is a killer - a full mile of varying steepness before even a hint of relief. But anyway, I managed it and did not die, which, frankly, is a bonus.

Time: 36.24.

I'll take that, even if it is quite shite.

We've had a lovely few days. First was dim sum in Edinburgh to celebrate Pro's 32nd birthday, which passed in fine (but fat) style. Then came a Sunday afternoon spent in the company of Phid, Blar and Baby Belle, which was lovely. We wandered with the pooches, scavenged for some blackberries, and then Blar made some excellent bramble scones. They were delicious, and consumed with lashings of cream and our homemade bramble jelly. Yumyum. Following this, we had supper together - Fisher's finest toad in the hole - and then fell asleep at about 9.30pm.

Next day, Fisher and I were up considerably earlier than Blar and Baby Belle, so I took the opportunity to weed the veg patch. The purple sprouting broccoli is a failure - far too enticing for bunnies, caterpillars and white fly - and resembles nothing short of a few green sticks with some green lace attached. On the other hand, the onions are ready to be plucked from the earth, and there are some ickle biddy courgettes appearing amongs the yellow flowers. How exciting! I'm thrilled.

Once Blar had emerged from her pit, we travelled to Bruar to see if we could find gifts for Janus, whose birthday approacheth (we failed), and then returned home to try not to fall asleep in front of the telly.

Today was an excuse to go to Gloagburn for brunch, and I managed only to consume a couple of slices of toast and butter. Add to that one Viennese biscuit thing and a 5k run (plus 1 mile walk with the pooches) and I'm doing ok for once. Trouble is, I'm feckin' starving!

Anyway, it was grand to see Baby Belle looking so well and to spend some quality time with her Ma - much enjoyed.