Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Stormy Weather

Hmm. Woke this morning to the news that a tree had fallen overnight, narrowly missing our log shed and taking down the phone lines as well. However, the phone lines seem fine so I guess they've managed to shift the tree without cutting the wire. BT, when told by Epona that a tree had stretched the phone line to the ground, remarked: "That's impossible. We'll send an engineer out in 4-5 days." However, Fisher called and got through to a lady in Mumbai (no, despite it being about the Scottish weather, she couldn't talk to anyone in the UK) who was very helpful and sent everything through to the Engineering department. Within 15 minutes we got a call back, and the minute Fisher said it was damage on a public road they agreed to send an engineer out within 4 hours. On the down side, the council have removed the tree from across the road but not bothered to take it off our fence - so that's a job for us to do in the future.

We escaped all these shenanigins and took the dogs to Dunkeld. We sampled the new Howies, which was bad for my diet. One bacon and egg bagel later ...

Strangely, in my defense, I will say that I'm so tired at the moment I can barely think straight. I ordered the bagel and only a few minutes later was thinking "why did I do that? I don't want a bagel. I don't want bacon. I don't even want egg." But I ate it, enjoyed it, and then joined Fisher on a 4 mile walk with the pooches - so at least some of it's been burned off.

I've been relatively good with food over the last few days, and seen my weight drop back to some stones and 1.5 pounds - but this is never going to get me to my target of a stone in 7 weeks. I'm going to have to buck up my ideas if I don't want to lose PlayStation rights for 3 months! Arg. The thought isn't even worth contemplating. What would I do without my daily dose of Oblivion? Gah.

I manage to weed the veg patch yesterday, but it's looking a little sad. The carrots are struggling through and the courgettes look good, but only 6 onions remain from the 10 or so I planted, and the purple sprouting broccoli has been nibbled to buggery. I think it's slugs that are the worst offenders, but the bunnies won't be helping either - despite Bri's best efforts at keeping the population down.

Right. I'm off to have a bit of a flake out. I'm so tired at the moment! I managed to do 5 miles on the static bike in the gym yesterday, followed by a few sit ups, press ups, tricep dips and straight-arm pull downs, but afterwards it was all I could do to stay awake while cooking supper. And I'm getting a sore throat and cold.

Woe! Woe is me! Diddums.


MF said...

It certainly sounds like you're coming down with something. Poor you. I totally sympathise!