Thursday, 24 September 2009


Location: Just back from the gym
Mood: Smug
Music: The Frim Fram Sauce*

I've decided to take a leaf out of Janus's book and go back to swimming as well as running, in a desperate bid to shift at least some poundage before 3rd October. Alas, the delight of dropping below the stone mark was short lived. It's now That Time of the Month and I weigh heavy, so I'm back to X stone 0 lbs 8oz. Hopefully that's something that hormones and the fact I'm like a balloon stuffed with water (oh! which would be a water balloon, I'm a-thinkin') is causing, and will be but a passing thang.

Anywayyyy - Fishface and I are off to Edinburgh to meet up with the Cheese Board this evening, thereby inevitably scarfing down delicious chow courtesy of Janus, so I thought I ought to prepare. I've eaten this:

1 bowl (35g) bran flakes and half a banana. Actually, more like 28g as it's such disgusting stuff I couldn't finish it. And the banana was tasteless.
1 packet of energy bean things, just before the gym.
1/4 pack of Moroccan cous cous from Tesco. About 4-5 tablespoons.
1 Jacob's cream cracker.

I've also had a large cappu with 2 sweeteners. And gone swimmin'.

Some time ago I was horrified to discover that all the effort I'd put in to doing 1km front crawl was smacked in the arsecheeks by the fact that breast stroke burns more calories. Well, colour me stupid, but I found that hard to believe ... except that every goddam' website telt me that was surely the case - so I joyfully decided I ought to adopt it instead, as I've always found it easier.

Except it's not, really. It's easier if you're shit at it, like me, because you don't do it properly. Even so, I got in the pool today determined to do my click under the power of the breast alone. My front crawl time last time was around the 28 minute mark for 60 lengths - which is actually 1020m. So, 59 lengths of breast stroke later, I clocked my time at ... pa pa paaaa:

31 minutes 55 seconds.

Man. This is pretty slow - but it really does show what a lazyarse I am when it comes to front crawl, too. Can it truly be that I'm only 4 minutes faster when crawling? Anyway, regardless of this airy persiflage, it cheers me to look on the 'calories burned' website and learn that 30 minutes of boobstroke for someone of my heft burns THIS many calories ... pa pa paaaa:


Yes folks - I can now consume a small bucket of lard, guilt free! But I shall not. Nay. I shall, instead, be circumspect and eat a reasonable plate of food.

* This is a little thing that Logan Lo - a blogger I follow - does, and I like it, so I thought I'd steal it.


Logan Lo said...

No one ever quotes me! Sweeeeeet...

You just made my evening! =)

I shall now have rum.

Seshat said...

Ah,rum. Is there nothing you're not good for? May your rum consumption be blessed.