Thursday, 1 October 2009

Brrr ...

Mood: Feckin' cold
Location: Pit of laziness
Music: The Humanist Queen

I'm desperately trying to summon up the will to go to circuits, but I've been feeling tired and sick all day. I think this has to do with being really, really cold. Owing to the fact that the heating bill last winter was astronominominomical, Fishergirl and I have been trying very hard to be circumspect with the old thermostat. Her Dad came by and helped us out by putting the water heater temp up by a couple of degrees, which not only makes baths much more pleasant but actually saves money (you use less hot water because it's hotter, and so save on ... er ... stuff), but other than that we've only had the heating on for a few hours a day. We got the heating bill in, and it made pleasant reading, so hurrah for us. Unfortunately, so boosted was I by this news that I've refused - REFUSED - to give in to the seriously autumnal weather, and am now sitting with the hood of my hoodie over my head, occasionally breathing on my fingers as I type.

I shall light a fire. O yes. That is what I shall do.

Now then. Weight loss.

Nuff said.

I've got 2 days to go, and if I hit the 5lb loss mark I'll be ecstatic. More likely to be 4. This is shite. It's double or quits time ...