Thursday, 22 October 2009

Grrrrr ... but also, yay!

Location: Surrounded by biscuit crumbs
Mood: Infuriated, but also in awe
Music: White Blank Page

Ok, I know it's That Time of the Month, but really! Is it necessary to eat - count 'em - 11 biscuits? The answer is, of course, no. This is not good. This is really, really not good. Yesterday I managed to spend the entire day doing well, then fell at the last hurdle. I simply couldn't bring myself to cook, after having cooked for 30 over the last 3 days, so Fisher and I went out. We found a brilliant, spit-and-sawdust type pub in Dunkeld where they serve stovies of all kind. I could have had stovies, actually. They're not too evil. But no, I had steak pie and chips. And 3 pints of beer. For FUCK's SAKE!!

Today, again, I was doing swimmingly. Breakfast was a muffin with only a thin spread of peanut butter. Lunch was a small Greek salad and another muffin (we're using them up before they go off). Supper was Chinese chicken noodle soup (home made) - and everything was looking rosy.

And then I ate 11 biscuits.

11 ... BISCUITS!!

I swear to GOD there is something wrong with me.

Ok, so I'm not doing very well on the diet front, but on the plus side I'm enveloped in a swelling cloud of glorious music from the marvellous Mumford & Sons. They're part of the London Folk scene, having played with Laura Marling (who is so good it hurts), Noah and the Whale, and - currently - with the Maccabees. This is folk at its absolutely heart-bursting best: rampant rhythm guitar, frantic-fingered banjo, sonorous cellos, dancing fiddles, and the ever-so-slightly smoke-husky tones of Marcus Mumford blending effortlessly with the harmonies of Winston Marshall, Ben Lovett and Ted Dwane.

The folk scene in the UK is utterly fabulous at the moment. Forget Seth Lakeman - he's the VH1 pin-up version of folk. Laura Marling, Kat Flint, Kate Rusby, Martha Tilston, King Creosote, The Devics - all these are in my music library, and all bring me great, wondrous joy, but I think Mumford & Sons might just have gone straight to the top of my list.

I wonder if someone told me I could only ever have EITHER great food OR music again, what I would do. Probably bash their head in with a big rock and walk off whistling, thus rendering the matter moot. But if I absolutely had to ...

Music. It feeds my soul.

But great food feeds my soul, too. And also, as a bonus, my tummy.

But that's a bad thing. If I gave up great food I'd be thin, and still have music. But probably quite choleric and fractious. Also, my friends only like me for my food so I'd lose all of them, too. And Fisher. Although, to be fair, she'd stay if I bought her more shoes.

It's impossible to choose! Thank God I don't have to. And with that ridiculousness, I bid ye adieu.


MF said...

If you gave up food you wouldn't be thin, you'd be dead! (Or possibly both, but where's the fun in being thin if you can't enjoy it?). ;o) And you know damn well your friends don't just love you for your food... Music or food is a tough choice though...
You'll get back at the weight loss. The time of the month is always a tricky one. And I don't think 11 biscuits and the other stuff will do so much harm after a couple of good days. I always seem to do better when I eat a bit more - figure that one out! I ate very well yesterday and went to the gym and was a pound heavier today than I was yesterday. Life's just a bitch.
And if you feel really bad about it, there's always the gym... ;o) I have faith though - I think you'll do just fine.

Seshat said...

I didn't mean all food - just good food. But thanks for your words of encouragement. I am, indeed, off to the gym this afternoon. Out with Ceegar and Meeper this evening, so I have to be incredibly careful!

SAM said...

Emmm - I'd leave you over the food would I... good job I stayed this long or you might have STARVED already. ;-0 xxx

MF said...

Well if it's just good food then you'd be fat! As most bad food is bad because it's unhealthy and crap. ;o)
Enjoy the gym! (if that's possible...)

Anonymous said...

umm, some of us have never met you or the Cheeseboarders, but love you for your writing. Please don't die of starvation just yet, and I am off to listen to some of the music you recommend.

Seshat said...

Well, haven't you just made my day! Thank you. And, considering the state of my dinner yesterday I really don't think I'm in imminent danger of starvation. I could be dropped in the Yukon wilds for at least 3 years and live comfortably off my fat reserves. Thanks for reading, and thanks more for commenting. Happy thoughts to you, wherever you are.