Friday, 16 October 2009

Birthday Part 1

With the parents coming over for Tertius's christening, it was a delight to hear that they decided to extend their trip to incorporate celebrating my 33rd birthday. So, I thought this was a brilliant opportunity to gather the neighbours - some of whom aren't a million miles off their age - and have a dinner party. With Sister, Islander and Assisi finishing off the party it had potential to be a good 'un.

Good 'un? Blimmin' heck! It were one hell of a do - starting at 7.30 and finishing around 1am, with Ina and Ku'ula Kai being the last guests to leave. I've rarely been drunker, and most of today has been spent battling the horrid, headachey weariness that comes from a hangover. We ate, as a starter, blinis with sour cream, caviar, crevettes and smoked salmon. Main course was roast rib end of beef with horseradish yorkies ... which didn't quite work, and were more like little cakes than yorkies. They were tasty enough, but the horseradish didn't quite come across, so if I do them again I'll use fresh horseradish rather than cream. Pudding was amaretto syllabub, which everyone consumed with glee apart from my mother, for whom it was too rich. Fair enough - it is, after all, just whipped cream, sugar and alcohol.

We rolled into bed after doing a bit of tidying and taking the dogs for a late night ramble in a desperate bid to sober up. It was about 2.30 when we actually fell asleep.

Today I've felt awful from my excesses, but with the cheese board arriving for the weekend I had to go and do a fair bit of shopping, as well as help Fisher ready the house, and walk a couple of dogs for some other neighbours. MaPa and the Islanders only left at around 11am, so it was all a bit frantic until 4.30, when Fisher and I went upstairs and had a nap.

A nap!! I am SO FECKIN' OLD!!

Still, it was a good thing I did because having slept off the worst of the hangover I was then able to cook a big pot of chilli for the new arrivals,partake of a few glasses of wine with dinner, and enjoy a dram of birthday present Bruichladdich (thank you Wheeler!). Not to mention take great glee in all my marvellous birthday presents. Wheeler gave me whiskey and Clarissa Dickson-Wright's book! Badger gave me Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck book! Arrow and Lu got me two books - one on Why England Lose and other interesting footballing statistics, and the other on how to grow your own veg! Pro gave me golf shoes! (Which fit perfectly!!) Koi gave me a purple cloche-style hat that actually suits me! Phid got me a CD (which unfortunately I'd already got) but also a mystery day out (intrigued and can't wait!)! And Janus made me a beautiful black and white bandana with, amongst other things, dog paws on it. It's thick and beautiful, and is very cool because when people asked what I wanted, I said I wanted bandanas. I always wear them as I can't stand having hair in my face (brings me up in hives), so to get such a lovely one, hand made, was brilliant. I have to say, not only did Janus make me one, but Koi and Pro both bought me several more - one blue and red one from Pro and 3 lovely ones of different design from Koi.

Me pals are fab. Now I'm going to sleep so I can be refreshed on the morrow.