Monday, 12 October 2009

Longish Run

Got the pazzas staying at the mo, which is its usual mix of joy and pain - so what better way of releasing all those pent up endorphins than going for a long run?

I've been meaning to up the mileage for some time, and then inspiration from Janus and Badger, who both did a 4.6 mile run/walk recently, kicked me squarely in the backside. So, out I went and did the usual 5k route - up the hill, through the farm at the end, and back to the house. Then I ran past the house and down to the post box at the edge of town, before returning. I was struggling a little by the end but it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd feared. I managed 5 miles in 58 minutes and 19 seconds, which was around 11.50 mins a mile. The great news is that I suffered no cramping pains of any kind and completed the run feeling, if not bright eyed and bushy tailed, then at least still vaguely human. (Hm. Check out that mixed metaphor. How many humans with tails do you know?) I was able to take the dogs for a quick walk before jumping in the shower and rushing into Perth to meet Fisher and MaPa. We had lunch at Breizh and I had a small Mediterranean salad - which sounds very frugal, but is full of mozzarella cheese, and wasn't helped by vast quantities of bread and olive oil. Or the fact that, a few minutes ago, I consumed my 2nd bag of Twistees in 2 days (Ma brought me a couple of packets from Malta. Ok, she brought me one and Fisher one, but Fisher doesn't have the same worshipful attitude to Twistees and therefore generously allowed me to consume them both). At least the run burned 800 calories.

A very sad side effect of any kind of strenuous exercise for me is that it invariably gives me a stonking headache. I drank nearly a litre of water after returning from the run, so I can't imagine I'm dehydrated, but the headache would certainly suggest that was the case. I'm off now to down some loverly loverly ibuprofen.

Ciao, dahlings.