Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The Diet is Cast ...

Ok, that would have been a better title for when the diet reached its last day and was cast off - but it'll do. I'm sure I can think of a plethora of crap puns before this thing is done.


2 x slices toast, Clover

Tuna mayo salad roll

Cold meat and salad. More specifically:
5 or so slices salami
2 or so slices parma ham
3-4 tbsps bean salad with mint dressing
Most of an avocado
Handful herb salad
Cheese & crackers (too many - and Hovis biscuits are biscuits, not crackers, no matter how I cunningly try to hide it)
Pack light crisps

2.5 scoops apple & cinnamon ice cream with 2 of Koios's favourite biscuits to accompany. Ok, this isn't good ... but it was home made ice cream! Surely that makes it good for me?

Astoundingly, I don't think I've had any.

1 mini bottle coke
1 large coffee, 2 sweetners
1 bottle fizzy water (does this need mentioning?)

I feel as if I've eaten too much. The ice cream was certainly a step too far and not needed at all, but never mind. I had Arrow round to watch the footie with me, and I felt I needed to feed him something halfway edible rather than inflicting dietary crapola on him. The fact that I could have given him ice cream and not had any myself didn't really enter my head.

Exercise wise, I didn't do any. Well - actually, I took the dogs for a walk at Tentsmuir, up to the bridge and back, so probably 1.5 miles, and I was starving afterwards. I think walking is supposed to be a good weight loss thing - but maybe that's just wishful thinking.

Bridie was angelic on the walk. It was Baffie who was mischievous. She buggered off quite quickly into the walk, and I really didn't see her again. I kept catching glimpses of her in the woods, so I knew she was nearby, but she didn't walk with me at all. Back at the car, when I hadn't seen hide nor hair of her for ages, I put Bri and Rosie the Pest in the Drover and went back along the path to find her. After calling and calling, I got to the wooden holiday house by the beach, and saw that there were people there. I then saw Baffie coming leisurely out of the garden. Considering it had been raining all the way round she looked suspiciously dry. She was also relatively uninterested in her supper which, considering I gave them Pedigree Chum packets with dry mixer, is almost unheard of. I think she went and made big eyes at the people in the cottage. They will immediately have been captivated by her golden beauty and stuffed her full of whatever titbits came to hand. Doubtless she will have curled up on their sofa, allowed them to place truffles on her tongue, then deigned to return to me when my calling became somewhat frantic.

Naughty pooch!

Anyway, that's today. Fisher returns to me tonight. I have swept and washed the kitchen floor, made sure the dishes are done, changed the bed, and am just off to tidy the sitting room.